sea and lace

I have loved yarn lace scarves from afar … mostly window shopping at Accessorize. When a friend was leaving Ireland she left me a bag of yarn she hadn’t been able to use. In it was this beautiful blue yarn interwoven with shades of purples. There were only two balls so it was left in the bag until I could decide on something a little more lovely to make with it. I finally pulled out NaturallyCaron’s lace scarf pattern and adapted it into a cowl by attaching the final lace square to the first lace square (forming a circle). The result was better than I had imagined: the perfect combination of sea and lace. Considering I find myself becoming more of an island, coastal girl I have to say that I am now in love with wearing the sea.Image


2 thoughts on “sea and lace

  1. Thank you, Phyllis. I have never forgotten the day I met you as an adult and you told me that you had prayed for me everyday since I was a child. You have no idea the impact that had on me! And how it inspired me to pray for others. I only hope to be such an example one day.

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