invitation to easter stew

20140225-163121.jpgSeveral years ago I began observing Lent. It wasn’t in my tradition and I really knew very little about it other than that people would tend to give something up during it. I found the book Contemplating the Cross by Tricia McCary Rhodes and decided to go through each daily reading, reflection, and prayer. The richness of the foundational beliefs about Jesus, forgiveness, the cross, and me became even more alive. Since then I have intentionally used Lent as a time to create a beautiful Easter stew for the soul: you know, all the ingredients go into the pot to simmer until the flavours infuse with each other and become nothing short of a taste of heaven. On Easter you get to enjoy the explosion of goodness unlike anything else!

This year I am looking forward to making this “Easter stew” with several others from my church. We start next week Wednesday and our recipe will come from Tom Wright’s Lent for Everyone: Mark.

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