i am daughter-sister-mother

You, who whispers, “the stars,” and speaks further into the depths of mystery.

You, who everyone attempts to emulate and yet who has no equal.

You, who moved onto these streets and yet are not from these streets.

You, who beats the rhythm of freedom if only we would hear.

I am your daughter.

You, who silently plead for an ear to hear and eyes to see you.

You, who dream through the barriers that wish to cage you.

You, who long for a love that reaches to the broken places.

You, who seek adventures that quicken the soul.

I am your sister.

You, who demand a voice to speak on your behalf while yours comes to full maturity.

You, who look up to me with expectancy that the world will be right again.

You, who lay your head on my shoulder in search of peace.

You, who wait on words of truth spoken over you to free you from misconception.

I am your mother.

You, who give me what I didn’t even know I needed.

You, who love me through my darkness into life.

You, who would speak words of wisdom over me until I hear.

You, who is safe so that I can hide while you take on my enemies.

I am your daughter.

You, who see me as I am and open the arms of welcome.

You, who hear my ramblings and incoherent thoughts with patience.

You, who remind me of the person I have been and who I am becoming.

You, who laugh and smile at the world with me in all hope.

I am your sister.

You, who cannot escape my love no matter where you go.

You, who I will teach the rhythms of heaven to.

You, who consume my cries to heaven as I grasp the Holy throne.

You, in whom I see future generations living free.

I am your mother.

Kilmacurragh in July 2 (5)

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