pictures of dublin on paddy’s day

Bring your ladders or climb a statue, it’s easier to catch a glimpse of the colourful and extravagant costumes of the Paddy’s Day parade. Tourists and locals cover the parade routes like a sea of ants. Bobbing shamrocks float through the crowd and adult sized leprechauns are found throughout the crowd. It was the first time that I had been to the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin as a spectator. The artistic stories told by different counties were less like the parade floats I grew up with but far more descriptive and skillful creations. Enjoy the moment!

2014-03-17 11.34.42-2

2014-03-17 11.45.09-1

2014-03-17 12.18.39-1

2014-03-17 12.22.49-1

2014-03-17 12.33.39-1

2014-03-17 12.33.57-1

2014-03-17 12.35.54-1

2014-03-17 12.34.45-1

2014-03-17 13.14.09-1

2014-03-17 13.14.17-1

2014-03-17 13.14.44-1

2014-03-17 13.15.14-1

2014-03-17 13.18.20

2014-03-17 13.27.53-1

2014-03-17 13.28.06-1

2014-03-17 13.37.48-2

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