hands of generosity and hospitality

Empty walls, ceiling and floor cause restlessness. There is no door and no suggestion of where this is. The void echos. A message appears. The instructions are impossible. Embossed along the top edge is the only suggestion for completion: By Faith.

First there is anger. The complete audacity to suggest that this task is even possible. There is nothing in the room that will help. No resources. No step by step directions even.

There is loneliness.

There is fear.

There is fight. Fists beating against the wall only cause bruised and bloodied hands.

Remembrance brings hope like the dawn. Behind closed eyes are memories of goodness and memories of love. Thankfulness begins to dig deep roots and strengthens the body again until feet are firmly planted and contentment washes over.

Eyes seek out empty but open hands. On one is written generosity and the other hospitalityThey had been so full before, covered in the possessions that filled them. The words had never been seen. Here they were empty – the words so clear. Hands with purpose but with nothing to give anymore.

By Faith.

Unexpected people begin to fill the room, holding out their hands of generosity and hospitality filled with good things. “No, no, I couldn’t.” In knowing perseverance they wait until the need for a glass of water becomes to great and there is no other option. The words written on hands disappear as they are covered over with good things. As the others leave, the room remains full of their offerings. The silence prompts another look at the instructions given earlier. One look around the room brings a surprise – everything needed is here! From the hands of generosity and hospitality it was provided and from the hands of generosity and hospitality it will be completed.


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