walking with dinosaurs

The mountains in the side mirror were a reminder that BC was behind me as I drove east towards the flat prairie land. Roads only lead north, south, east or west from there. After an hour I began to descend into the badlands. They always held a sense of mystery for me – the prairies open and the road is swallowed deep into dry, barren coulees. The land of the dinosaurs. They aren’t difficult to imagine when Drumheller comes into sight. For some people, dinosaurs are the things of legends and books. As a child, they were the nearest reality and attraction for me. I would dream of discovering a dinosaur bone when out on the very occasional walk through local badlands. Before I had been exploring in history museums or knew about too many exotic animals, I had seen full replicas of dinosaur skeletons put together at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. London’s Natural History Museum’s collection of dinosaur bones is nothing in comparison to the collection in the middle of nowhere, Alberta. The soil here is rich with the reminders of their presence on our planet. Want to imagine what it’s like to walk with dinosaurs? This is your place.







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