let me not lose my heart

My most valuable possessions could hardly fit into the suitcases wheeled around from one destination to the next. They certainly wouldn’t fit in my incredibly large purse. There is only one place large enough to contain all the worth on this earth and yet small enough to carry with at all times.

My suitcase has taken a battering. One look at it before leaving Canada this last time and I knew that this might be its last journey. Already the handle was broken and only worked thanks to wire and electrical tape but the sides looked like they were ready to give in. As I lifted it off the conveyer belt in Dublin airport I knew that it finally succumbed to the brutal treatment it takes just for carrying around the world my “stuff”. But let’s face it, I’ve lived out of that thing, literally! I’ve come to realise that I have lived almost 4 years of my life out of a suitcase (47 months to be exact), if you consider being away from home for at least 2 months at a time the minimum requirement of living out of a suitcase. Sometimes I had a home where things were still set out on the shelves but most of those times everything I owned was stored up somewhere in an attic or basement and all that was with me was … a suitcase or two.

Hearing about the evacuation alerts in my hometown in Canada due to a forest fire reminds me again that we can’t take it all with us. Thanks to the magical world of internet and things like iCloud, most of my valuables are retrievable from anywhere in the world so long as I have access to some modern technological device. All computers survived the millennium so I’m not so worried about everything getting lost in outer space anytime soon. Sure, there are a few material things I own that Ikea can’t replace but there aren’t very many.

Still, my true valuables are locked away in a more secure place – in a haphazard, chaotic display of beauty they occupy my heart and mind.

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. ~ Luke 2:19

I’d like to think that I would ponder moments worth treasuring. Think them over. Roll them around in my mind. Let them find a resting place after they have firmly been established where they can be visited time and time again. This is where my memories of loving and being loved are stored. It is where each experience of heaven on earth finds a home. It is the place I take with me where ever I go and draw upon more than any other.  Although it is a never ending room of treasure, my heart compacts each memory into a small enough size that I can carry it no matter where I go. If I lose everything else on this earth, let me not lose my heart.

2014-07-08 15.50.04-1

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. ~ Proverbs 4:23

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