allowed access up the mountain

  IMG_1965[2]Hidden away in the Wicklow mountains is a lush valley set aside for locals and hill walkers – I would call them mountain climbers but that might be a bit of an exaggeration after just having been through the mountains of British Columbia. Just down the road from the pub and inn is a place to park. Those are also exaggerations. The road is more like a one way barely paved street for two way traffic. The place to park is more like a meter of warn down area from people having parked there before. The pub and the inn are just as they sound. And actually, the old white building is quite long, with a considerably large car park.

Glenmalure is a little gem just tucked away nicely.

I was staying with friends down in Wexford this past long weekend. We’d determined that Sunday was adventure day. Looking at the sky we had to determine whether to wear our waterproof jackets or if our light t-shirts would be enough. After voting for bringing the jackets along we started down the hill towards the cottage at the base of the waterfall. You might have even called the waterfall “roaring” after the torrential downpour the day before. It slowed to a wide and shallow pool just in front of the cottage. There were seemingly two directions we could have gone. Only one of them had the “allowed access” sign on it. The property belonged to someone and there was only one way through it that wouldn’t have been considered trespassing. We zigzagged with the path up the hillside. At times it sounded like the whole mountain was nothing but a waterfall. Under the dense ferns water flowed steadily all around us. At times the path was even a secondary stream.

It’s good to catch up with friends and share life.


As we reached the top of the hill we saw a sign announcing that we have reached the limits of the allowed access and any further would be at our own risk (bring your compass, etc, because it’s going to get treacherous). I was reflecting on the dreams that I have for the year ahead. Some of them seam just a little too impossible for me. Then we would pass an “allowed access” sign. And God would speak to our hearts about how he has made a way through the impossible with a series of allowed access points. I would rather just bushwhack through life. To me paths are confining. The reality is that when we attempt to anything great that is so much bigger than ourselves, bushwhacking doesn’t cut it. God is a part of the process: going before, walking with, following behind. I need to start off along the way and trust that with each step he will show me the next part of the journey. On that hill we prayed that God would show us the “allowed access” in all aspects of our lives – the safe places to put our feet so that we live our lives to the fullest.


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