photos of vienna

Mozart, Klimt, architecture, history. I dreamed of regal pastel buildings, walks in the park and coffee in the cafes of great thinkers.

The images that I created in my mind still mostly remain right there, in my mind. This past week in Vienna was a week of learning the present in our world and dreaming the future. Those were the realities that filled my thoughts and my time each day. The four walls of a conference room and the minimalist inside of a hostel were my locations of contemplation from morning until night. To dream in Vienna was not to dream of Vienna. To dream in Vienna was to dream of Dublin. No walls and no borders can contain the images of hope for the future of a city.

 2014-08-24 12.02.202014-08-24 12.30.172014-08-24 12.26.42 2014-08-24 12.41.49 2014-08-24 12.38.392014-08-24 15.03.462014-08-24 15.17.102014-08-24 15.50.55

… I suppose I did sneak in a bit of exploring at Schloss Schoenbrunn the day I arrived.

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