clear away the dead

Where we expect things to grow we must also expect to clear away the dead, the things that used to thrive but are passed their prime.

Cherry red geranium blossoms, pale green vines and small blue flowers welcomed the coming of summer on my small balcony. It was a surprise that they survived the winter with very little care. Satisfied with their inner strength to provide me with colour with very little effort on my part, I left them to get on with their blooming and their growing. Several weeks ago I stopped long enough to notice that all the colour was gone. Browning, lifeless foliage was all that was left. They had enough water so what was the problem?

I had not cleared away the dead. The blooms of spring and first leaves were rotting in the pot. Mourning the loss of my colourful flowers I had images of all the things that must have sucked the life out of them: green fly, spiders, too much rain. Finally I text my mom a picture of my pot and asked what I should do. I wasn’t expecting the suggestion I was given: clear away the dead and cut it back. The pot looked pretty bare after and I hadn’t enjoyed sticking my hands into the rot and sticky spider webs. Nothing was left but scraggly remnants of the stems that used to thrive with flowers.

Spring growth is not enough. It dies as the plant tries to live out it’s purpose – to produce new flowers.

My September plans have been growing since the spring of this new season in my life and I have found myself having to cut away last season’s growth. The roots of new hopes and dreams have begun to dig deeper but the first fruits have had their season and it’s time to clear away the dead so that dreams and plans can thrive. Thoughts are tucked away in the pages of a journal. Computer files are sorted and deleted or preserved. My schedule is re-evaluated so as to make sure time is allocated to what is most important. Even my small living/dining/spare bedroom has been adjusted to suits the needs of today rather than yesterday. Living in the successes and failures of yesterday is like mourning the flowers of spring and willing them back to life again.

This week I noticed that colour has returned to my balcony again. There is new growth coming from the healthy stalks and roots. Clear away the dead. Cut it back. Make room for new growth.

2014-09-26 10.55.30

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