sight is a superpower

Cătălin Oae Photograpyphoto courtesy of Cătălin Oae Photography

Sight is a superpower. It can bring truth to distorted perceptions and reveal glimpses of eternal realities. It can bring us back to life again.

A couple of years ago Dove put out a moving video of a forensic artist who drew women from two different perspectives: the way they would describe themselves and the way someone else would describe them. In every example used, it was the stranger’s description that was always the most accurate, the most beautiful. While the video was focusing on outward beauty, it hones in on something so much deeper – the need for others to help us see ourselves.

Our eyes only see a limited perspective and as much as a picture is worth a thousand words, most pictures only go skin deep. Sight becomes a superpower when it begins to observe the invisible potential locked inside the tangible present.

I met Cătălin first in Vienna and then again in Romania last month. He is helping deliver a resiliency programme to teens in schools. As I got to know him he began to show me some of the photography he has done. I was struck with his ability to take pictures of his city and make them come alive. His photos make you feel something – a love for his beautiful city. He brings the strong heart of the people who make up the city and delivers it to us in images of streets and buildings. He sees what the naked eye cannot on its own and transfers that knowledge into a photo.

He uses this sight as he interacts with youth in the schools. He cares about them deeply and is helping them to see themselves through his eyes. His Facebook site for his photos is called Craiova My Beautiful City. His work with the Heroes programme each day comes from the same impassioned heart’s cry: Craiova My Beautiful City.

Breathe deep and look again. Look past the storm clouds and see the light play off the shadows. Look past the creases of anger on someone’s forehead and see the eternal worth of their soul. Take the time, always, and look again. Then tell somebody what you see.

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