loaves of bread and becoming kid friendly

photo(6)Miracles might just be waiting in the hands of our young people and the conversations we have with them.

A couple of weeks ago a friend from church approached me and asked if I would mind helping her teen daughter practice for a baking competition in school. I wouldn’t say I’m a great baker but I can usually put together a decent cake now and again without burning it. I agreed, on one condition: we would practice and bake together for an evening at our church. I’d like to consider myself a child and teen friendly member of “the congregation” (everyone who goes to the same church together). In a world of programmes I kinda just wanna be that family friend who says “hi” to a kid not because I have to but because they are valuable. Besides, I have tried helping in Sunday School numerous times over the years and am really bad at it. Since I really valued those sorts of informal relationships with adults when I was a teen I want to be available to give value to the next set of adults.

Andrew is a new hero of mine. He was kid friendly too. As one of those people who followed Jesus around a lot, he ended up in the thick of it when they were hanging out on the mountain with those 5000+ people. While everyone else was having the conversation about what to do with all the hungry people, he was paying attention to possible solutions. I don’t know if the lad he spoke to approached him and said, “Hey, mister, if it helps any, I have some bread and fish here.” Or did he see the kid first? Whatever the case is, he noticed. The answer was there in the hands of a boy waiting to be noticed. Andrew didn’t take the bread and fish off the kid, send him on his way and then offer it on his behalf. He brought him into the conversation instead. Imagine what the kid must have been feeling as he was now face to face with the celebrity preacher. In the end it was what he had that was used to spark a miracle.

J. and I baked cakes, melted chocolate and kneaded focaccia dough. There is so much to discover still of what God has given her to make history with. Whatever it is, she is not selfish with it. Already she is passing what she has to kids who are younger than her. And this week she will be giving to a crowd of women as well. She’s not the only one who needs to be heard. There is a whole generation of them. Will I always have an ear to listen, an eye to observe and the cop-on to bring them into conversations I am having with Jesus?

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