freedom thoughts – vulnerability in the good times


Vulnerability … uncomfortable. honest. risky. freeing.

That beautiful exposure that allows others to see us as we are and genuinely love us in honesty. There is a trend towards vulnerability. Our hurts, feelings and discomfort slowly unwrap for others to see. Compassion is practiced and measures of healing are infused into us as joy returns. Is that all there is to vulnerability? An exposure of the painful things in life? Or is it more than that – an exposure of happiness?

When honesty is full of happiness, contentment and even ecstatic joy we risk our dreams. We risk our relatability to the heartache of others. Releasing genuine optimism and hope can be experienced as lemon juice on the wounds of others. It is better to tone it down. Leave vulnerability to the struggles and insecurities. How safe is it to be honest about the good times? Those times when everything is going well and we are on top of the world. There only seems one place to go and that is down! Vulnerability in that moment is risking falling off the mountain top. It is better to not feel that wonder mindfulness identifies. Is it better? Is it better to hide that in case someone robs it? In case it is only an illusion?

When was the last time you felt you could be truly happy without being judged for it? When was the last time you allowed someone to be truly happy without jealousy or envy of them?

Joy is a fruit of the Spirit of God living inside of us. Celebration is a spiritual discipline. What will it take for you to be free? To be free to accept good things and celebrate them? To be free to let success saturate the cracked earth of our souls, so dry from waiting, from persevering, from dying to self. Bask in the healing rays of joy as it melts our hard hearts. Shine it on others who can’t see the point in the effort of keeping on keeping on. No, hide the joy away. It is too risky. This is the sort of vulnerability no one wants. Stay in the silent prison of “good things cannot happen to me – they cannot last.”

Or, risk it all. Lay it on the line and expose the good. How are you today? I am good. I am really GOOD! I am so full of joy right now – and feeling incredibly uncomfortable telling you this. Love me through this good time like you do the bad. Let me know the freedom of being fully loved for who I really am.

Laugh with your happy friends when they’re happy; share tears when they’re down. ~ Romans 12:15

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