grow like no one is watching

We are made to exude the beauty of creation and to thrive in our seasons regardless of who is watching. In that place of rich fullness of life someone will glance our way and be struck with hope.

A soft breeze swept up the hill and with it the natural perfume of pine with floral accents. The spring sky carrying hints of summer canopied our morning stroll through Powerscourt Gardens. As we circled around fountains and looked down into the sunken Japanese sanctuary, scents began to become more woodsy with hints of vanilla. Bluebells and wild garlic laid a carpet of blue and white under the proud old trees. We wound up the stairs of Pepperpot Tower for a bird’s eye view. Turning in a full circle the forest came into view and with them, azaleas and rhododendrons that hide amongst the trees not otherwise seen. From top to bottom they were covered in blossoms as brilliantly beautiful as those that line the pathways. In blissful ignorance of the lack of attention they receive they bloomed with as much conviction as their relatives along carefully manicured paths. They didn’t require praise. They didn’t require status. They didn’t require promise of one day having those.

We were made to bloom where we grow – In the quiet moments of morning when our eyes first open; in simple conversations and thoughts we have about others; in that space between performances; in the waiting and wishing for more.

The forest would have remained a collage of green had the flowers not been blooming. My thoughts would have passed over without any regret. Then the colour caught my eye and I was stopped in a moment of appreciation. Forests bursting into colour don’t depend on the size of their audience or proximity to others. Flowers bloom because the season is right and that is what they were made to do. We do the same when we find our way back to the source of life, dig our roots deep and grow like no one is watching.


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