pursuing dreams with sweat on my brow and dirt under my fingers

Every season is weeding season! Weeds especially seem to love it when everything else is growing. Dreams and plans are like that too. When the environment is primed for growth then all ideas given the time of day will begin to grow. The challenge is then to identify what shouldn’t be there and get rid of it before the real dreams are choked out and thrown out with a weed pile that produced nothing of use.

I haven’t been to the community garden since October last year. After a warm welcome back yesterday I began helping with whatever job needed to be done. For me that meant weeding a bed of onions and garlic that were tiny promises of harvest. With the sun on my back I bent over the dry earth and began to search between the weeds for the intentional crop. I can’t say that weeding is my favourite thing. It is more of a discipline, helping me to focus on loving by serving in tedious tasks and being reminded that not all of life is about the high moments but also the menial jobs that just never end. Weeding is one of those. It doesn’t matter what the season, weeds will come up over and over again.

Maintenance is not something that comes easy to me. I’d prefer if growing seasons went like this: weed, plow, plant, nurture, harvest. Instead they seem to be more like: weed, plow, weed, plant, weed, nurture, weed, nurture, weed, nurture, weed, harvest, weed. As I was clearing up the space around the garlic shoots I thought about some of the projects I have been working on this last year. They came from dreams that were planted and have been given a little TLC. What are the things that are threatening to outgrow them? Ideas that not only shouldn’t be nurtured but should just be ripped out? What are the things I am doing that, in the long run, eat up time, energy and resources that should be going towards the real dreams? What opportunities should I pursue or not pursue? One careless push on the hoe and the garlic came up with the weeds. Up close and carefully I could leave the good and remove the bad.

In a few years time I will realise that I am either living the dream, with sweat on my brow and dirt under my fingers, or an anxious mess wondering what was actually accomplished from all the energy I put in. Time to get on my knees and start weeding.

2014-07-26 11.35.24-1

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