almost as crazy as you might think i am

2015-10-10 15.12.52-1Sometimes I think I am certifiably crazy. I take a step back and listen to things that are packaged up as tidy little “Christian” things and suddenly my favourite animal is an ostrich and I want to believe in reincarnation so I can become one and stick my head in the sand so no one sees my red-faced embarrassment. Then it is made worse when I find myself being interviewed on national radio and am introduced as Liesel Reimer, career missionary with the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada. I want to cringe as much as most of you at that. It is so full of words that have taken on lives of their own – and most not in a positive way outside of sub-groups that embrace them wholeheartedly. They are a walking advertisement for “weirdo” or “fanatic” or “um, should she be trusted?” Perhaps I’ve lost you already … wondering if you should go look up what I’m even talking about because you’ve never met anyone who has these labels attached to them.

This week I am going to be pulling out a whole lot of what and why on this big world wide web because it marks a significant event for me – 10 years in Ireland … as a missionary. Some of you met me before I even knew how to form words. Others through school, in work, at play or randomly as you were looking for something good to read. So, I just want to clear up a few important things right now:

  • I don’t care if you join my church.
  • I think Jesus is pretty cool and I try to live each day as if he really is who he says he is.
  • I don’t have it all together and I get it wrong (a lot).
  • I will try to love you as best I can because I’ve experienced this insane love that continually changes my life making me a better person and Jesus says I’m not to be selfish and keep it all for myself but to love others too, even if they don’t like me very much. Some days I’m more successful than others.
  • I have chosen to agree with the original guys that wrote this but like the way these guys made it sound!
  • I don’t want you to believe in a Jesus that isn’t real.
  • Sometimes life is really shitty.

So, welcome to this week that I am getting a little sentimental about because it marks a journey that is littered with hopes, shattered dreams, darkness so deep I couldn’t see my hand in front of me and miracles only told about in story books.

In the meantime … other questions answered:

2 thoughts on “almost as crazy as you might think i am

  1. Wow –I am so glsd you feel like you get it sometimes for Jesus–I also think –“how is it that Jesus loves even me” Priase the Lord–and I praise the Lord for you Liesel.

    Joy to you this season–Jesus is for real!!!

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