this secondhand place


In the darkness of night and nothing but a fabricated light, the mirror brightens reflection. Framed glass plays back in real time a moving picture that looks like the story of my life. I star in this episode created in The Image, my image distressed with shadows and imperfections in this half-lit, secondhand place.

Carefully, I look this way and that, finding the best angle as if it matters to the world. But they can’t see it anyway. All that anyone can see is behind me in my shadow that is  larger than life. The shadow of my movement and the direction of my attention.

Blue eyes blink back at me until I turn away from my self-scrutiny. The shadows shift, revealing the profile of who I was born to be and who I have become. This is me, face turned from the mirror, finally possessing the ability to possibly see you and for you to see me.

What will we become?


3 thoughts on “this secondhand place

  1. So exciting how God is opening doors for you to share about spiritual things with those who have gotten blessed by sewing classes. Good thought–we are all made in God’s image.

  2. Hej Linda!Jag måste bara förvarna om att du kanske har virus på din blogg. Det har varit flera gånger som din blogg skiftat om till en porrsida, bara så där. Det är bara när jag är inne på din sida som det händer så jag vill bara förvarna dig, om du har möjlighet att se sådant eller så. Ha en bra torsdagskväll!

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