about me

… it’s about living what I can of heaven on earth … it’s about Faith … it’s about seeking something true that lasts … it’s about the stories that shape our every day … it’s about the beautiful people I meet … it’s about the cultures I encounter … experiences I’m privileged to have … it’s about the things I love … the difference I want to make … the dreams we all have … it’s about Life

My Name: Liesel
From: Okanagan, BC, Canada

Why do I write? Why didn’t you ask sooner … check it out here. I am:

Latest cafe obsession in Dublin: Sparks in Smithfield

7 thoughts on “about me

  1. I love your updates and the joy of learning how God is using you. I pray for you daily. Thanks for letting God use you so powerfully.

  2. May your Christmas be wonderful as you celebrate the greatest gift of all, Jesus! thinking of you with love! Virginia and Ken

  3. Served for a month at DCM in the summer of
    2009 with a group from Texas. Liesel your faithfulness continues to bless!

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