pin-life: a true story of pinterest dreams coming true


No more pining away pinning on Pinterest recipe boards wishing that those glorious recipes will just magically whip up in your kitchen! It is time to take action against those oh-too-gorgeous instructions for taste palate satisfaction. In normal person language – time to bake the recipes you have been drooling over for months now. Here is how:

Buy the baking gear. Do you have the right pan to bake it in? “Yes” – what are you waiting for? “No” – go buy it.

Join a group of human beings. Generally, people like food. People like other people making food for them. If you join a club with other people, choose a recipe that you can’t stop thinking about and make it for them. My downhill spiral into a new world of baking happened when I joined a group of 12 people that meet every couple of months. I had been drooling over this Toffee Vanilla Bean Bundt Cake with Caramel Glaze and Sea Salt for about a year. One of my first pins. As we sliced into it, I only hoped it had turned out out! I was also very thankful for the generous friend who bought me a bundt tin when I was in Canada – they were a little difficult to find in Dublin. I took requests for the next time we got together. Chocolate and cheesecake both came up. After a bit of Pinterest research I really jumped out of the box and went for this flour-less Chocolate Mousse Cake.

Celebrate with your work colleagues. Someone has a birthday in your office? Offer to bake their birthday cake. That’s what I did in December and ended up making this Raspberry Limoncello Bundt Cake with Mascarpone (the four of us finished off the entire cake by the end of the day …).

Pay attention to your audience and keep baking. There is no way that I could ever eat everything that I want to make! I find the challenge of making things I have never tried before very exhilarating. On occasion, it is time to pull out a few recipes and put a new twist on them. This was one of those weeks. Along with J.’s Tangy Lemon Petit Fours (sorry, no recipe), J. and I made Hot Chocolate Cake (adapted from this Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake), a layered version of the Raspbery Limoncello Cake, a two layer of the Chocolate Mousse Cake and got ideas for a gluten free savoury item. To top it off, we added a few of these strawberry roses just because it is close to Valentine’s Day.

Suddenly you will find yourself making all sorts of wonderful things that you never thought you would have time for – and it won’t all go straight to your hips! Others will share the load.

cobblestones under feet

In a rubber playground littered with cigarette butts and surrounded by cobblestones, the children laugh and play. They climb, they jump, they dance! “Watch me!” they shout. Tourists eyes are glued to the ground as they descend out of their bus and bounce their suitcases over the stones to their hostel across the way. Clad in business suits, men and women stroll home from work, their bags swinging freely. A football is kicked around between the rows of houses and apartments. The shop is full of local Dubs and foreigners just like me grabbing the few things they need for the evening. The cafe is full of people at their leisure basking in hospitality. Jameson tower stands proudly in watch. The tall modern lamp posts wave their salute. Brick, stone, concrete, glass and metal. White skin, brown skin, freckled skin.

The evening air is full the music coming from the mouths of the youth. The morning brings a hush and drone of vehicles as the city slowly wakes up.

I love this city in the sun. I love it in the rain. I love it when it is grey and clouded over. I love it when the sun breaks in the west and rainbows appear in the east. Whatever the weather, these cobblestones come under feet of young and old. Beautiful, beautiful people.

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